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When it comes to first years, the Residence Life Team headed by RLC in respective campuses recognizes that first year residence students may have challenges concerning the following:

  • adjustment to University
  • academic success/support
  • financial management
  • learning about the University of KwaZulu – Natal Community
  • career planning (ex. choosing a major)
  • interpersonal skills (ex. living in a residence with a floor mates)
  • sexuality education
  • managing opposite sex relationships
  • freedom overload
  • Loneliness /home sickness

All this is done on the basis of inclusions and integration and on the understanding that not all students are same. This is to say while others may have been in the residence for some time due to their level of study, others are freshmen/first years. So to address the challenges mentioned above RLCs through RLOs and RAs conduct the First Year Orientation Programme.


Edgewood Campus: First Year Orientation Programme

Howard College & Medical Scool: First Year Orientation Programme