Business Science Students Excel at Business Challenge

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Winning business challenge team, ManuTech,
celebrate their victory.

First year Bachelor of Business Science students experienced the practical side of theory they have been learning in class when they participated in the annual Integrated Business Studies (IBS) Business Proposal Presentation.

The Bachelor of Business Science programme is a four year honours programme offered by the School of Accounting, Economics and Finance with its core module, Integrated Business Studies being facilitated by the College of Law and Management Studies Teaching and Learning Unit.

To test their business acumen, the two groups had the task of coming up with a business concept and developing a proposal presentation that involved the eight main business functions namely, top management, finance,  information technology, marketing, human resources, research and development, corporate social responsibility and operations management.

Both groups presented efficiently showing they understood how the theory they were learning translated into practice but it was the MenuTech team’s electronic restaurant menu pad and menu application that emerged victorious.

The idea aims to replace the standard restaurant printed menu with a digital version. While runner ups, Pronto Pizza pitched the idea of a pizza vending machine that will provide express pizza at university campuses and at Durban Station.

Mr Sam Maramba, who is one of the tutors that worked with the winning team said it was a rewarding experience to see how the students engaged critical thinking when shaping their ideas.

‘Our role as tutors is quite active in helping students change the way they argue, critically analyse points as well as give them confidence in presentations. MenuTech’s proposed business kept up with the current trend of the use of technology in all spheres of our life,’ he said.

‘As the proposal took shape, students were divided into business function groups that resembled an actual company and from there on our involvement was minimal. Group work is never easy especially with deadlines and this was also a good lesson for the students as it was evident through the many complaints they had at first,’ he added.

The event sponsors, Business Partners were impressed by the students innovative ideas and the high calibre presentations.