College of Law and Management Studies Celebrates High Achievers

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College of Law and Management Studies’ Top
Achievers from the Pietermaritzburg campus.

The College of Law and Management Studies celebrated a large number of high-achieving graduates across various disciplines on the Pietermaritzburg campus.

The top achievers included Bachelor of Commerce summa cum laude graduates Ms Yemurai Chidzambwa and Ms Charlotte Masvongo. Bachelor of Commerce Honours cum laude graduates Ms Jessica Bartlett, Mr Victor Hlatywayo, Ms Lauren Jane, Ms Kirsty Jonker, Ms Jhaharha Lackram, Mr Kerushan Naidoo, Mr Kenneth Ngwenya, Ms Beatrice Nnambooze, Mr Matthew Redmead, Ms Sakahilu Shapi and Ms Mayuri Sindraj. Bachelor of Commerce cum laude graduates Ms Michelle Chidzambwa, Ms Tsitsi Magwiro and Mr Naeem Shaik Yassim.

Bachelor of Commerce Honours in Human Resources Management cum laude graduate Ms Mayuri Sindraj researched Role and Power Dynamics within Trade Unions in the Public Sector.

The research aimed to explore whether there was any correlation between the ability and power of trade unions and whether it was a lack and ambiguity of such essential qualities that unfortunately resulted in so many disturbances and violence incidences such as Marikana and service delivery protests.

‘Throughout my research I was supported by my supervisors and various lecturers. This ease of communication and easy access to assistance are what I would attribute my success to,’ said Sindraj.

The academic support and care Sindraj received inspired her to think of ways of helping other students succeed in their academic career.

‘My future plans involve not only being able to establish an independent Human Resource Management Consulting Agency where my passion lies, but also developing some sort of learnership programme and scholarships which allow me to become actively involved with UKZN to aid deserving students,’ she said.

For Bachelor of Commerce Honours in Marketing Management graduate Ms Kirsty Jonker who completed her degree through the Colleges Special Honours Bursary, it was her good relationship with her supervisor Mr Nigel Chewishe that helped her unlock her potential.

‘I couldn’t have asked for a better supervisor than Mr Chewishe. He was so insightful and encouraging and shared my interest in my topic with me. My research was titled: “The Power of Social Media in the Creation of Brand Awareness”. Social Media forms part of our everyday lives and I was really fascinated with researching the massive potential social media has for businesses,’ she said.

Jonker is currently working at Training Leadership Consulting as a Business Analyst in Pietermaritzburg and is also pursuing a Black Belt Lean Six Sigma course which aligns with her undergraduate degree in Marketing and Supply Chain Management.

Bachelor of Commerce in Information Systems Technology graduate Ms Jhaharha Lackram says the qualification has been instrumental in giving her access into the corporate world. Lackram’s research was in the field of Information Security and Social Engineering.

‘I enjoyed the variety of work that my honours degree gave me – throughout the year, I studied various case studies and every lecture was always different, helping me in job selection.

‘I have now entered the corporate world and work for a global consulting company. I believe this qualification will be the stepping stone to great things especially since technology is the bedrock of everything today,’ said Lackram.