Memorial Tower Building Goes Red

UKZN lights up the Memorial Tower Building in commemoration of World Heart Day.

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In partnership with the Heart and Stroke Foundation of South Africa, UKZN lit up the Memorial Tower Building (MTB) on the Howard College campus in red to commemorate World Heart Day, with the light being visible in various parts of Durban.

The foundation celebrated its 42nd anniversary in September. Its Health Promotion Manager Mrs Dana Govender said that it had worked and continues to work tirelessly to reduce cardiovascular diseases in South Africa.

‘Only 30% of people have access to private healthcare, while 70% depend on public healthcare which does not focus on non-communicable diseases. Cardiovascular disease is the second leading cause of death after HIV/AIDS in our country; as such, the foundation dedicates this month to raising awareness,’ said Govender.

Executive Director of Corporate Relations at UKZN Ms Normah Zondo said: ‘We are delighted to once again partner with the foundation. It is important for UKZN to ensure that our staff and students receive the necessary information to prevent these kinds of diseases.’ She encouraged the University community to undergo screening as 70-80% of these diseases can be prevented by a change in lifestyle. ‘The information you get from the University is not only for you but to share with your community. You need to ensure that you take care of your heart because your heart is everything,’ said Zondo.

Prior to the lighting event, a team from the Heart and Stroke Foundation led by Health Promotion Officer Sister Chertier conducted free health risk assessments and tests including blood pressure, blood glucose content and blood cholesterol levels. ‘Quite a few staff and students came through for screenings, which was encouraging because they were young people that were interested in their health and were aware of the risk factors,’ said Chertier.

Watch the lighting up of MTB here.

Words: Zama Khoza

Photograph and video: Sethu Dlamini and Asante Solutions