New Book by UKZN Academics Offers Guide to Health and Happiness

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Book co-authors, Professor Breminand Maharaj
and his wife, Dr Nervashnee Maharaj, accompanied
by their children, at the launch of their book.

The Soul, Health and Happiness: A Simple Guide is the title of a new book co-authored by UKZN husband and wife team, Professor Breminand Maharaj and Dr Nervashnee Maharaj.

The book, launched at a function at the Nelson R Mandela School of Medicine, examines the relationship between the soul, health and happiness, and offers practical guidance on how health and happiness can be achieved.

In their many years spent working as health professionals in Internal Medicine, Clinical Pharmacology and Homeopathy, the couple recognised that people generally seek meaning and happiness in their lives but not everyone knows how to get there

‘We were interested in how we could improve the human condition,’ said Dr Maharaj. ‘As we explored and used the knowledge we had gained, we realised the soul has a very important role to play in our lives.

‘Many people have viewed matters of the soul from a distance or with fear because it has been considered a subject that is only studied and understood by enlightened beings or spiritual seekers and, therefore, out of reach. Other people have had difficulty in gaining easy access to knowledge about the soul. As a result, many people do not understand the relation of the soul to their daily life.’

‘The book will be of benefit to everyone, irrespective of their background or age,’ said Professor Maharaj, emphasising that everybody deserved to enjoy good health and happiness

Over the years, the authors shared their knowledge and experiences with their Medical students at UKZN’s Nelson R Mandela School of Medicine, their patients and people in society.

Dr Maharaj said: ‘The book is dedicated to humankind, especially the young people of our world, including our daughter, Suparna, and son, Sahasrad Suhari.

‘We also dedicated our book to two special souls who represent the best in humanity, in other words, people who sacrificed their happiness so that everyone else would be happy. The first is Ms Keishu Okada, who has guided us with unconditional love, and the second is Mr Nelson Mandela, who is our hero.’

The book was symbolically handed over to the authors’ children at the launch.

Dr Nervashnee Maharaj qualified as a Homoeopathic Physician at the Durban University of Technology and offered voluntary service at the Health Awareness Clinic in Durban before starting work as medical facilitator to Medical students at UKZN.

Professor Maharaj is an Emeritus Professor at UKZN and a Specialist in Internal Medicine. He has worked as a Physician, Lecturer and Researcher at UKZN’s Nelson R Mandela School of Medicine and King Edward VIII Hospital.

Professor Maharaj, who was appointed by the National Minister of Health to serve on national committees, prepared and presented the Nelson R Mandela School of Medicine’s submission to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) of South Africa and played an active role in curriculum reform in the Medical school. He also presented a paper at the Parliament of the World’s Religions.

Professor Maharaj was one of three doctors internationally who was admitted as a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of London in their highest honour (distinguished doctor) category in July 2003.

The couple practices the art of True Light and the principles of the universe (Sukyo Mahikari) as a means of improving the quality of life and well-being of people. 

The book is available at Adams Booksellers & Stationers.